Thursday, December 18, 2008

red stars quilt

red stars, originally uploaded by sew-do-I.

This is quilt I learn how to make with my in-law in 2004. I've found this pattern on Love of Quilting Magazine. I did really enjoy making this quilt and also it's chalenging me because those small 3 inches star blocks are pains in my neck. I said neck,ok.

It was my first time machine quilt. I did a stitch in the ditch with my old Janome. It wans't the machine false because it was made for simple stitch only. And the quilt was too big for the machine neck. I don't like it because it was puckering and wrinkle

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

sewing table in reallity

sewing table in reallity, originally uploaded by sew-do-I.

I got thread rack from . They don't ship internationally so I had to ask in-law to ship it out for me. The rack itself was less than $10 but shipping was $44.75!! Because of the dimension of package. Anyway, I am happy with it fortunately.

Is there anyone can keep your sewing space tidy and clean? Me? No,I can't. This picture wasn't that bad to myself actually;-) It's just hard for me to have such a niceand clean sewing space. I wish I had Martha's organisewise.

Cath Kidston catalogs

Cath Kidston catalogs, originally uploaded by sew-do-I.

I got these two catalogs from British friend when he comes to Bangkok two weeks ago. It was such cute calalogs.Those stuffs inside arebeautiful. I ordered some sewing tins from but they don't ship to Thailand so,I used my friend's address but it turned out there was something wrong on my account. I really really need thread tin can and button tin case. They are irresistable. I'm dying for... If somebody in UK want to have a private swap,please please let me know.


sneak peak for December, originally uploaded by sew-do-I.

These are two miniquilts for December,2008 One is for penelopewaits.Check this one out . The other one is for jgmglin in Italy

swap til you drop(STUD)

I got this swap invitation a couple months ago from Kim in Oregon. It was my first miniquilt swap I ever done. I love people here. They give you not only sewing skills,creativities,hospitalities and inspirations but friendship from around the world. Although,we haven't met but I feel their sincerities. Of course I've been flaked (so does the others) from other swaps but these people I met here they are wonderful.
Then I discovered 6"-12" mini quilt swap via those member of STUD- I just love this name:)
It was a nice gateway to meet such skillful quilters.

sew stressful

I was surprised when I saw comments on flickr. They love it plus some added on theis favorites. I had started this one about three weeks ago. Those miscellaneous blocks were from old scrappy fabric that I wouldn't want either or something that I think they might not work well together.
One night John and I (who live together about ten years) had kind of arguement which I didn't even now how it happen. Anyway,I went up straight to my office and start to sew on and on. It helps!! That's why I named this quilt 'sew stressful'. It was fun and turned the arguing to productivity scheme.
I spent all night from ten to three in the morning to finish this top. I knew that I couldn't finish it if I used batting and quilt it. Therefore there are top and backing only. It fits the weather in Thailand.
And it's my quilting habbit that I don't put labels on my own quilts.

Monday, December 15, 2008

weekend at the zoo

We spend last weekend at Bangkok Zoo.The girls were so happy to see many kinds of animal. There was some disappointment in a certain level. In my opinion,those animal don't get adequate standard level. I don't want to blame anyone but just feel sorry for those animals. As John and I have been travel to many countries, we agree this place should get some improvement.

Christmas projects

I don't recognise where I got inspiration from but I'll update pretty soon. But I recommend crazymomquilt as she inspires me and sooo many people on flickr.
here's from aaandreaaa

I made these pot holders for Ballet class moms. Apparently they happy with it.

stash from Timeless Treasure

I have some plan to make bed and blanket covers for my daughters. I love this collection so much. I'm not big fan of novelty but the design and colors are hard to resist. You can't see a scooter print in pink because the day I took a photo I was waiting for another package to arrive. It's not fatquartershop's false. I usually order fabric online from them as they are reliable international shipping service.

politic effects

Finally, I received all 8 packages yesterday since the airport was shut down by government protests two weeks ago. I have no comment why they did that but I can say that I was worried about my orders. Of course,I did spent $600.
I always shop at because they are reliable and international shipping service is satisfied. In my experience, I lost my package last year which I either guess might be post office or their false. They resend me back immediately.

What I'm gonna make with those fabrics? No, I haven't decide it yet. I admitted that I am addicted to fabrics stash and Flickr.

These are two miniquilts for December,2008 One is for penelopewaits.Check this one out . The other one is for jgmglin in Italy.