Sunday, December 28, 2008


sunset in Kai Bae beach
view from our cottage

Lunch at K.B. resort

in the island

Noren resort

on toll way, originally uploaded by sew-do-I.

We left Bangkok At 10:30 in the morning on Monday 22nd. The traffic wasn't bad. We used toll way because we live Southwest of Bangkok and were heading to East. We took Bangna toll way then drove on the motorway from Cholburi to Rayong about three hours. We get in Trat province around 3pm then continued to Laem-ngob district another 3o minutes. We arrived the old pier at 4. The reason we took the old pier because we save a ticket for oue car. The new pier has been opened a few years ago. they claimed that you arrive the island faster but you pay a ticket for your car. Anyway, we paid for the old one for five people about 480 Baht(currency now 35 Baht =$1 US) round trip. I think it is reasonable.

We arrive in the island about 5 pm,searching for hotel for a good deal. We ended up at Noren resort for the first night. The room and facilities were nice but there no beach way exit. We thought it's not convenience to take the girls to the ocean. We moved the next day to a place called K.B. resort we liked this place alot.


belinda said...

Oh Wow....looks like a great place for the holiday. I know you must have had a wonderful time! Lovely!

Marianne said...

Looks just like Florida! Love the sunset picture.

Sarah A said...
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Sarah A said...

So jealous that you guys can get there so easily.. I went to Koh Chang a few years ago while travelling Thailand and Cambodia- one of my best trips EVER!!